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Friday, 2 July 2010

Painful week!

Hi All

We've been busy at 'Babies Can Sign' my teaching business (click on the yellow logo on the right to find out more) because it has been Deaf Awareness Week. We have been signing stories and singing songs in libraries to promote sign language and communication with deaf people, as well as using signs to communicate with children. It's been a successful but manic week. At this mornings session I had about 25 children and as many adults!! All good fun though! It has also been extremely warm, which my leg sadly doesn't like. I've taken it off at any opportunity this week to try and rest the skin, which of course helps.

I guess flesh is not designed to be enclosed in a hot, sweaty, tight environment certainly not for 16-18 hours a day. All I can say if thank goodness it's Friday 'no more working for a day or two' well Monday to be precise! Top left is a consequence of the busy hot week :( Sorry it's graphic but it may help to 'educate' those who think that you have an amputation then get a false leg 'hey presto', all sorted! Sadly it doesn't work like that and people in this situation regularly battle with this type of problem. I now know it goes with the territory and is part of living with an amputation, end of.

What does make me mad is that next year my Disability Living Allowance and entitlement to a blue badge is up for review. I was awarded it for 10 years. Obviously the bureaucrats know something I don't....miraculous leg regrowth maybe?! The amount of people I come into contact with who have been awarded it for life. There are days I can't wear it due to problems like this week and others when I manage to because I have to but struggle to walk. People make assumptions when they see me walking about that I don't need to park in a disabled space, some challenge me and others give dirty looks and make comments. Soemtimes you do feel tempted to say things like 'well you'd park there if you'd had your leg chopped off' or show them photos such as this, but why should I. It's none of their business and I do not need to explain myself to ignorant total strangers.

Well, another rant over!!! :-) Off for a glass of vino and I'll be back soon for the next installment

Vicki x

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