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Friday, 11 January 2013

You see...I did promise!

Well you see I AM keeping one of my New Years resolutions to update my blog more often! A number of things these past few days have spurred me to do so.

I am so thankful for the advances in technology since I was at Uni (yeah OK OK i hear was over half my lifetime ago ;-) that helps make our world a smaller place. That enables me to 'see' my Dad over Skype and we can talk about the frustrations of his day and the last person he sees doesn't need to be the cat.

Being able to text a good friend during what was her nighttime, in response to a facebook post, as she was worried and unable to sleep.

To access information especially on Youtube such as this song which a friend shared by Zach Sobiech, a young american dying of terminal bone cancer. It certainly makes you thankful for what you've got.

But also the personal touches, some of the face-to-face stuff, that still make our messed up world a better place, such as my 'Big Sis' and the meals and cakes she leaves for my Dad, she is not just 'Meals on Wheels' he calls her the Angel on Wheels, I am inclined to agree.

Or my very small boy, not even two years old, for the first time saying 'Love you' and kissing me spontaneously.

The elderley woman who saw me struggling to my car with a big bag of shopping and rushed to help me. We had a laugh as she couldn't even lift it but said we could have taken a handle each :) It's sad that when I haven't got my gym kit on and you can see my leg that all I get going to my car in the disabled parking bays is tuts and stares and even comments that i shouldn't be parked there. I wonder why people make such assumptions based purely on appearance and assumption......

The giggles from a little girl who I work with, who is a similar age to Joe, who has a very rare chromosomal disorder and many associated problems, as Signing Sam our resident signing puppet tickles her.

How seeing old friends, who were visiting from Australia, no matter how long it is between visits, the years melt away and it seems like yesterday (the technology of course playing a huge part at keeping us in regular touch)

Making crowns with three small boys

Visiting a very dear and old friend and meeting her new baby

Taking 5 children to a panto and shouting very loudly 'Oh yes he does'! (amongst other things :-)

Helping a very grown up girl, but still my baby, prepare for forthcoming exams (having to mark questions I'm errrr not so sure about ;-)

Having a family of 3 children, all who have learned to sign with me over the past 6 years, attend class, together with their signing puppets!

Here are some other blogs you may be interested in reading, some new to me and others are not, that have resonated with me recently.

It is 2 years this week since my friend Lisa embarked on an exciting new life on the other side of the world in Australia. Only to arrive in Brisbane in the middle of the floods and two weeks later to have her youngest son diagnosed with leaukaemia. They are now more than 1/2 way through his treatment and he is faring as well as can be expected but they have been to hell and back already and sadly probably will be again in the next 12 months or so, before the first stage of this nightmare is over. Follow their story here

A fellow baby signing teacher very sadly lost her baby over half way through her pregnancy due to her and her husband, unbeknown to them, being carriers of a gene for cystic fibrosis. You can almost feel what she's going through from her insightful writings

And the aforesaid welsh friend also living in Oz is a joy to follow on her blog

At times this week I have felt utterly crap, physically and mentally. My left knee hurts because of overuse, my right arm is shocking, again due to repetitive strain and at times I can hardly put the weight on my stump because of the sores. I am trying to take the diclofenac as infrequently as possible as every other person I meet is telling me how bad it is for me. I am trying, but failing, to convince myself I do not need to have the operation on my hip to repair the torn cartilige but 2 1/2 years on from diagnosis it's no good. I need to get my head (and schedule) around going down for a consultation with the consultant in London, then the surgery followed by 4 weeks partial weight bearing...on a prosthesis. But in the meantime I am doing (can't quite say always enjoying!) the exercise but helped along by friends like Adam I WILL keep going and am going to try returning to boxing next week.

Well my friends, all I can say is live life for today, despite all the challenges you face and frustrations you feel, because who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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