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Monday, 22 April 2013


I will reveal the reason for the title of this post shortly but firstly I would like to apologise for my 'blog neglect' these past few weeks. The truth is I have been far too busy! Sean started his new job which has him travelling a lot, not only the commute to Teeside but to sites far and wide. We have been spoilt with his local work this past decade and this new era is going to take some getting used to for all of us. We are though, thankful he has a job unlike some we know.

I also experienced the trip of a lifetime to New York, with my school friends of nearly 30 years. It was to celebrate the year all 5 of us are all turning 40. It was amazing, all we'd hoped for and more! As usual my leg didn't hold me back and we did everything from cycling around Central Park to cocktails in the revolving restaurant 'The View' at the top of the Marriott. I did use my crutches a lot which enabled me to walk further.

There have also been lots of fun days out during the school Easter Holidays and parties to attend, as well as quality time spent with friends. Sean's Mum has also been in hospital for over a fortnight whilst they operated to treat her for a 2nd cancer recurrence. We are desperately hoping this drastic and life changing surgery will put pay to it once and for all. Thankfully she's now recuperating at home.

No improvement with our little man's sleeping which does prove draining day in day out. Hence the nocturnal waking or should I say hours of 'work'.

I have been continuing to trial the running blade You won't be surprised to hear I totally overdid it in the first 3 weeks! So after hardly being able to walk after one particular training session I took some enforced rest and curbed my enthusiasm and am now back at it with less 'vengeance' shall we say! It feels a little easier now, well some of the time and I think I trust it a little more and am perfecting my technique.

Last week I took part in the annual Swimathon to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Together with my friend Adam and my 11 year old, Hope, we did a Team 5k. It was really enjoyable and of course all for a good cause if anyone is interested in sponsoring us please visit the following link You can see our photo at the finish below.

Next on the agenda is the 1mile outdoor swim at Salford Keys, Manchester We're mad you no doubt think, but hey, you know me I like a challenge!

I can't believe my 'baby' turns 2 on Saturday. We're all looking forward to the celebrations.

Now, back to 'unusual'. I went for my annual routine eye test a couple of weeks ago. My prescription hasn't changed for years and I still remain very short sighted but manage fine with my glasses or lenses. What I wasn't expecting to hear was I am developing cataracts in both eyes. This currently only affects my night vision but this could change at any time. This it seems is the worrying and frustrating thing. They just don't know, things could deteriorate quickly or continue slowly or even remain static. Worst case scenario is I could require cataract surgery in the near future. I am obviously hoping this doesn't happen but will just have to wait and see (sorry ;-).

I was very taken aback by this latest news and understandably not best pleased. I wasn't surprised though to hear the optician say 'you're very unusual' and that it was unusual to see this happening to someone of 40. Well excuse my French but no shit Sherlock!! And quite frankly I am fed up of being 'unusual' and interesting to medics. I want to be run of the mill, boring, USUAL.

It really felt like 'something else' to add to the list of ailments and parts of me that are failing. As if legs, kidneys, hearing etc are not enough, now my eyes!!! Maybe time for the scapheap?! I REALLY miss having my Mum at times like this. I would be straight on the phone to her and it made me angry that this wasn't possible.

But a couple of weeks on I am more accepting and at the end of the day what will be will be. Onwards and upwards as usual :)

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