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Sunday, 12 March 2017

The Reality of being treated for Breast Cancer - Part 6 - Post Chemo Hell

So the last couple of days have been pretty hellish, hence the title of my latest Vlog Post 'Post Chemo Hell' anyone who's been through or watched their loved one go through this will be able to relate. It's so hard because you're taking all the drugs to counteract the side effects of the other drugs and it's a vicious circle to be honest.


I ended up having to pay a visit to Ward 95 at St James' yesterday. You ring the switchboard and ask for The Oncology Bleepholder and a CNS advises you over the phone. You have to take an overnight bag in case they admit you ( I had no intention of letting that happen!) Although to be honest by  the time we got there I was the colour of their magnolia walls and couldn't have cared less.

They were terribly understaffed, as most places are these days so I had to wait an age to be seen by a Dr, after two seperate ones who were reviewing my notes got called away. We finally got seen and felt listened too.

We're coping with this, and it's knock on effects to us, in our own way and thankfully have tonnes of medical and non-medical friends and family to help and advise 👍🏻

My Dad and Carole thankfully came to be with me yesterday, so Sean was able
to take the big kids and do his fundraising, whilst Dawn took Small off my hands for the day and night. So they took me into hospital and stayed several hours until I was able to escape with more painkillers and some oral antibiotics for the possible line infection. My Auntie Jan came for the 2nd time this week and was on ironing duty thanks so much 😘

They also gave me morphine due to the bone pain caused by the G-CSF injections and some to bring home. At least it worked  😬 And enabled me to crash out and sleep!

Today has been better and I had the last of the 5 injections 💪🏻

More #TeamVicki arrivals and lifts, sleepovers etc since Friday for the kids, thanks once again lovely friends and family 😘😝


  1. I have always had so much respect for you, as you have come through so much trauma with a smile on your face and a level of positivity that few people possess. However, since you received your diagnosis of cancer my respect for you has grown even more, which I didn't think was possible. You truly are a most inspirational, wonderful (wonder) woman. Only you would find the time and energy to blog and make videos (and edit them with music too!) while going through so much. I am so very lucky to have you in my life as a very valued and loved friend xx

  2. Rebecca Scrivens13 March 2017 at 07:27

    Keep on keeping on. So appreciate your blog and the insight it gives. Sorry the past days have been so hard for you. You and that >£5k Sean are truly inspirational, top team. I hope this week brings some relief much love Reb x

    1. I appreciate you reading and watching and all your positive encouraging messages. Thank you! x