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Friday, 8 March 2019

International Women’s Day

Today is International Womens’ Day 2019. 

Whilst I believe we should celebrate our achievements every day, today especially is one for reflection. We make up almost half of the world’s population. England netballers shocked the hosts Australia in last year’s Commonwealth Games by beating them in the final and walking away with the title. We have only the 2nd British woman Prime Minister in history in office and Queen Elizabeth II is still on the throne aged 92 after a 67 year reign. The England Lionesses ⚽️ were triumphant in raising the #SheBelieves Cup and head into this summer’s FIFA World Cup as favourites. Watch this 💗💪🏻

Inequalities still exist for us in many respects but conversely we have made huge strides in various areas. I had the privilege to attend a Conference at work this morning where we were updated on research in various realms of women’s sport and coaching. One thing that struck me most is that equality is not literally a case of ‘women should have everything the same as men’. Actually women need an equal yet uniquely tailored approach to meet their needs and help them achieve their maximum potential.

We were told to think of one thing we are doing to make a difference or ‘rock the boat’ as opposed to being someone who merely ‘falls out of the boat’ #noimpact. I could name a few in my time! One thing I’m currently proud of is using my own education and expertise in physical activity and sport; to work with numerous people and agencies to influence education, policy and practice. For those men and women who have or have had cancer. Luckily if I do fall out of the boat I can swim well enough now not to need one! #boatrocker #ChannelSwimmer.

This post is dedicated to one woman who has inspired and influenced me greatly. Tragically, I delivered part of her eulogy earlier this week. It was heartbreaking, yet I felt immensely proud to know her. Although we KNOW her legacy, as an extraordinary physician will continue and undoubtedly save many more lives. Most importantly her influence on her children, family and friends will always live on, especially through beautiful rainbows, just as it did as we left the service 🌈
#bemoreMags #neverforgotten #IWD #internationalwomensday #girlpower #balanceforbetter #leedsbeckettuniversity #carnegieschoolofsport

Photo by Claire Sparrow 💗

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